Tyre Sidewall

195/60 R 15 88V

Tyre Sidewall

Section Width

Width of the tyre in mm, from the widest points of the tyre, from sidewall to sidewall.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the dimensional relationship of the section height compared to the section width, expressed as a percentage. In approximate terms the section height is the height of the tyre sidewall. The section height is calculated by: overall diameter less rim diameter, divide by 2.

To calculate the aspect ratio or tyre profile:
Section Height x 100
Section Width

Casing Construction

The "R" designates the tyre has a radial casing construction. Bias-ply construction is indicated by "-" or "D"

Rim Diameter

The rim diameter in inches.

Load Index

An index number indicating the tyre's maximum load capacity at its maximum rated speed and inflation pressure. The load index table will provide the corresponding load in kilograms or pounds. For this tyre the load index is 96, which is equivalent to 710kg. In Australia, ADRs and state regulations require that the tyres fitted to your vehicle have a load index that is equivalent or higher than the load index either stated or described on the tyre placard attached to your vehicle. The tyre placard can be found in the door jam, glove box, or for some vehicles under the fuel filler cap or bonnet.

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